The Bridgetown Morris Men



Performance Calendar

Please join Bridgetown's Google group to receive weekly emails containing practice and performance information. Gigs and performance details change constantly so it's worth checking back even if you don't elect to receive email. Performance fixtures, events we know about long in advance, are as follows:

Paganfaire, March 17th at Smith Hall, Portland State University

Morris Ale, April 13th - 15th, Headlands Institute, Marin, CA with tours around San Francisco

Mayday, Tuesday May 1st, kickoff at Washington Park Rose Garden at 5am
with dances from Sun-up to Sunset at various locations

Seattle Folklife Festival, May 26th - 28th, Seattle Center.
We will be dancing on stage and around about the Seattle Center throughout the weekend.

Rose Festival Village, May 31st - June 10th, Pirate Morris with the Boom Pirates

Ye Merrie Greenwood Faire, June 29th - July 1st, Richland, WA

Portland Pirate Festival, September 22nd - 23rd, Portland Pirate Morris



Bridgetown Morris Men 2007